Hawaii Salt Pools provides excellent customer service with over 22 years
in the swimming pool industry.
What we do here at Hawaii Salt Pools is make everybody's life easier,
from the service technician, to the home owner.  Most importantly
bringing a quality swimming experience to you.  A salt system can be
installed and your pool converted to salt in as little as one day.  With the
rising cost of chemicals due to EPA transportation standards as well as
chlorine production alone, salt systems are looking more attractive
everyday.  Salt Systems are an economical way to maintain a clean and
healthy pool.  Whether you are a home owner maintaining your own
pool, or just looking to get away from high chlorine cost.  A better
swimming experience is just around the corner with a system for every
pool.  Whether it be commercial or residential, there is no job too small.  
Send us a note and we will be happy to give you a quote.
Owner Operated for the last 16 years and in the pool industry for the last 22
years.  There is nothing we have not seen and there is nothing that we can
not accomplish.  Whether it be a simple pump/motor replacement, filter
installation or leak repair, we do it all.  Please send us your questions and
we will be happy to answer them.  
Chances are we can give you a quote right away.